Yami’s Origami Part #2

Yami Does Origami “Japan”

Part #2

Here is Yami, ready to amaze you with yet another masterpiece of Origami!

Ta da!, a kite!…No only kidding! This is just the start…
A paper airplane???…No, it’s not done yet!

Now it is starting to look like something…But what?

One more fold and it becomes…

A beautiful swan!…Only Yami could make it look so easy!

New for February 1999

This is what can be done on a VERY large scale with the small flapping bird that was shown on the first Yami Page. Here Yami makes it out of LARGE sheets of paper attached to a long cardboard tube to create a giant flapping bird. To see it is to believe it!

 Flap, Flap Flap……

Here we have an item you would not normally see made with Origami. A gift box! Yami makes lots of these to hold everything from toys to trinkets!


We conclude with one of Yami’s most bewildering creations. He calls it the Gyroscope. This was made with no glue or tape. Just paper, imagination and lots of talent!…

Thanks Yami this was really fun!

Author: Bobby J. Gallo


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