Yami’s Origami Part #1

Yami Does Origami “Japan”

A Magic Arcade Exclusive!

Yami is a world famous grand master of Origami from Japan. People come from all over the world to learn from Yami and see him work. He recently was the hit of the Origami USA ’98 Convention held in New York City.

He has graciously agreed to show “Magic Arcade” members his skills in paper folding. For Fun why not try to follow along with Yami as he creates a bird out of an ordinary piece of paper!


Yami Behind his teaching table, ready to amaze you with his ancient craft!

An example of the type of construction paper Yami uses. Each piece is about 10 to 12 inches square.

Yami starts with a single piece of paper and two skilled hands. Ready to see some magic?

With a few twists and folds, it doesn’t look like much now, but wait…

It still looks like an ordinary piece of paper. Gee…it just has a few creases in it?

Hey! Are those wings I see?

This is really neat! Another few folds, another few creases.

It almost looks like……Hey! It is!!!

A beautiful Bird! That’s amazing!
And if you pull the tail, the wings actually flap!

August 1998

These are the famous “Yami Fireworks” The hit of recent International Origami Expositions. You can continually turn them inside-out to get different patterns and colors without ever twisting and breaking the paper!

Magician’s are very familiar with this trick wallet, often called the Chinese or Himber Wallet. But I bet none of them ever thought you could make one with the ancient craft of Origami!
If you put a dollar bill on one side it magically becomes trapped behind the paper bands. It is also capable of vanishing a bill, playing card, or other piece of paper.

October 1998

The Famous Yami Exploding Ball!

Yami Starts by Folding Standard Origami Paper This way.
He Then Begins To Interlock Them Together Inside of a Square Box.
You Can See It Starting To Come Together
Here Is The Grand Master Holding The Finished Product.
When He Throws It Up In The Air And Hits It, It Shatters Into Many Multi-Colored Stars That Fly Around Him!

Thank you Yami for this timeless lesson… Respect!

Author: Bobby J. Gallo


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