The Slydini Legacy 7/97-9/97


The Slydini Legacy 7/97-9/97

The Slydini Legacy
by Bill Wisch

I am honored to present this page as part of I.C.O.M Online each month.

This will be a short session, but I promise to give you some remarkable and valuable effects, routines, insights, tips, ideas and approaches in the coming months that will absolutely please you with success.

I was fortunate to be able to study with the master for quite some time and when I say it was intense, I mean it was INTENSE!

It is exciting to share this information with you. Both beginners and seasoned pros will find “The Slydini Legacy” of great value. I will share items that were known only to me and will also go through the entire effect/routine formats of the Slydini books STEP BY STEP. This will give further insight, I believe, and add many ideas, tips and thoughts that were given to me while studying in person.

I am able to refer to literally hundreds of notes and many hours of audio tapes that Slydini was so gracious to to allow me to acquire. At first, he didn’t want any record of the sessions on tape and only allowed taping of patter for various effects and routines. I cheated a bit and used to keep the recorder running so I could remember more later on. He found out about that and at first wasn’t very happy, but he knew I was about as enthusiastic a student as he could have and mentioned to me that it would be alright to tape future lessons in their entirety. Needless to say, I was very happy and appreciative about that. To my knowledge that was the first and beginning of Slydini allowing any students to tape sessions on audio tape. Video tapes were never allowed. I asked him about it and he felt it would cheapen the quality and lesson the value to his personal students. Slydini had a very relationship to his students he felt were sincere and eager to really learn his magic. He gave up huge sums of money from video tapes just because of his respect and concern for his students. Typical Slydini.

I will be covering many things in this monthly segment of I.C.O.M Online. Many times I have been approached to disclose this material in books or on tape but never felt it proper to do so. With the many disclosures of material by some past students, as well as the supposed “fictitious” disclosures by some Slydini “wanna-be’s” (not to mention names), I felt the time would be right for this undertaking, and also feel that if Slydini knew, he would probably give me his blessing.

So, this begins what I hope will be a major source of information and enjoyment for you as students of the International Conservatory of Magic. I ask you to refrain from letting this material out. Slydini used to tell me, as I’m sure his other students, to keep the information secret because others aren’t of the same interest level and also the value is diminished to you when the secrets are given away (NOTE SECRECY RULES GIVEN UPON ENTERING THE INNER SANCTUM OF THE CONSERVATORY). This is just common sense anyway, so enough about that.

Naturally any questions about The Slydini Legacy will be handled the same as other member services…email…chats…etc. So don’t be afraid to ask. Slydini was astonished at the number of questions I always asked him. He used to call me the “Question Man” ( a title I accepted with pride), so the least I can do is be willing to answer any question I can.

I will attempt to make this monthly page as comprehensive as I can so don’t look for quick tricks and a collections of vague and incomplete items. As I said, this opportunity is a long time coming so I plan to take my time and go over everything the proper way.

My thanks to my co-director, Bobby J. Gallo, for his enthusiasm and support and I own him and you, as serious students of the ART of magic, the best I can do with regards to this undertaking. It is an honor and privilege to begin my version of “The Slydini Legacy”.

It starts next month.

September 1997

“Impossible Coin Vanish”
Bill Wisch
This is a fantastic vanish of a coin. I’ve used this for years as part of my stand up one coin routine, based on Slydini’s, and it literally stuns people…especially magicians. The reason is because the vanish is totally psychological. The coin never vanishes or becomes hidden! In fact it is openly displayed in plain view of the spectator! The coin is never seen. If you have the BEST OF SLYDINI & MORE, by Karl Fulves, you can see this action as part of the PAPER BALLS OVER THE HEAD routine on page 82, phase three.

I’m not sure if Karl mentions this move as being able to be a coin vanish, but knowing how complete he was when writing the Slydini books, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is mentioned somewhere in the coin sections.

Anyway, the move goes like this. A coin, preferably a dollar or half, is shown on the right palm. The coin is dropped into the LH and classic palmed. At this point the spectator thinks the coin is in the closed LH. Separate the two hands a bit… LOOK at the LH and open it palm up. At the exact same time the RH turns palm up and opens slightly while continuing the classic palm clip. In other words, BOTH hands are palm up and open while you’re looking at the open left hand, with the RH keeping control of the classic palmed coin.

In the next beat, both hands turn down as if to show the backs and you look at the spectator. Again the RH is classic palming the coin. Now the move is over and you can come to a rest position.

(An article will appear very soon containing the use of timing, rest positions, beats, off beats and other elements of the timing sequence so things will be a bit clearer then, I’m sure. This will be part of the T.I.P.of the Wand/Advanced page…watch for it…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it).

It appeared to the spectator that you dropped a coin into the LH…crumpled it up and both hands were shown empty front and back. It is hard to believe that something like this works but you have my 100% guarantee that it does. It is my favorite, complete coin vanish and, when learned, will be yours also.

This may have appeared in one of the other Slydini books…perhaps Ganson,or even as part of the Stars of Magic Series “Flyaway Coin Routine”classic.

I just wanted to mention it as the first official move in the Legacy because it is pure Slydini…subtle, impossible to reconstruct and even more importantly, fairly easy to do. If you have trouble, use one of those e-mail questions you’re entitled to as part of I.C.O.M. That’s one of the most important facets of the school…being able to have personal instruction on anything. Don’t pass it up. My personal email address is Any questions regarding the Slydini Legacy, The Advanced/T.I.P. of the Wand, and the Presentation/Demonstration Forum pages should be directed to my personal email address rather than I.C.O.M because it will get you an answer back much sooner.

I literally don’t know exactly where to start the Legacy due to so much material so strap yourself in for a long and wonderful journey. I hope you enjoy this coin vanish…it’s definitely a favorite of mine. I’m sure other students of Slydini were shown this, but I personally have never seen it done by anyone other than him.


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Author: Bobby J. Gallo


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