ICOM Simplified Fortune Telling System

The I.C.O.M Simplified Fortune Telling System For “Entertainment“(tm)

As a magician, in time you will inevitably be asked if you tell fortunes. In this Co-directors opinion, it is acceptable to perform this entertainment for your spectators so long as it is understood by those watching that it is indeed done for entertainment purposes only and is clearly stated prior to the performance.

The feature that makes this system practical is that it uses ordinary playing cards. Tarot cards are usually associated with fortune telling but it is justifiable that some audience members may feel a bit uncomfortable with them due to the imagery usually associated with them.


Ask the spectator to shuffle the cards. then lay out seven cards, face up in a row onto the table. These are the cards that it is said will reveal the past. The same is now done with another row. This row claims to foretell the future!

Study the key chart below to learn the representations of the various pips and values. It may be a good idea to print the chart out and keep it with you as a guide until it is memorized.

Ron Dayton suggestion: Special thanks to Ron Dayton for his excellent suggestion regarding the placement of the following key card. Ron recommends printing the key on a small business card size piece of paper and then sliding it into the cellophane wrapper in-between the wrapper and card box which accompanies all decks of better playing cards. With this set-up, the box may be placed aside and casually glimpsed when the reading takes place. This way you are always ready!

Interpreting the cards:

Suppose the seven cards selected are the the King of Clubs, Ten of Diamonds, Eight of Hearts, Three of Spades, Two of Clubs, Five of Diamonds, and the Jack of Spades.

  • The King of Clubs indicates that your father will be involved in something that interests you (could be a hobby or a trip?)
  • The Ten of Diamonds show that you are going to acquire money!
  • The Eight of Hearts says that you are going on a long journey to visit a friend or relative.
  • The Three of Spades foretells that you must be cautious with a decision concerning your job. (ain’t that always the case!?)
  • The Two of Clubs reveals that you are going to love your next hobby (Possibly membership in ICOM with your father as stated by the King of Clubs?)
  • The Five of Diamonds seems to know that the money you will acquire through the Ten of Diamonds will be the subject of a possible argument. (Remember to share!)
  • Finally, the Jack of Spades proclaims that you may someday be your own boss! (A world Class magician by being a member of I.C.O.M!)

The student may or may not wish to elaborate on this system with cold reading and/or palm reading. I feel it is fine as it is as an adjunct to a close-up magic performance. However, this is a personal decision that must be made by the individual performer. For further references and texts relating to the art of fortune telling, e-mail us and I would be more than happy to recommend further reading on the subject. Just use your “Virtual Lessons”.

Remember to weave the answers together with the other cards and always keep it positive and enjoyable. Never, Ever give negative fortunes, remember, this is entertainment!

Author: Bobby J. Gallo


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