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Anyone can be a magician if they are willing to practice and never ever tell the secrets! But do not expect the trick to work exactly right the first time you do it. With a little bit of patience you will be able to perform many of the tricks in this page or anywhere else in this humongous site. You will be the coolest person around and will have fun making people happy with the magic that only “YOU” know!

July 1998

A great many surprising tricks can be done using only ordinary thing that you can find around your house. Always check with a grown-up if it is ok to use something that does not belong to you.

This first trick is what magicians call an “illusion”. Ask a grown-up for a small mirror. A square one if possible. Below you will see some large black lines. Print this page out on your computer and cut out the square. This and your mirror are all you need to do the trick!

Hold the mirror up to the edge just above the lines as in the color photo. The mirror reflects the lines and you can read the word HI.

Try this on your friends. Ask them to tell you what is written the the square. they will say there isn’t any word. Answer, “just take another look” Place the mirror on its edge, show them the square again, and they will be astounded to read the word HI.

Easy huh?

Here is your trick. You may have someone help you print this and cut this out.

And that my friends is an illusion!

Now you are going to read your friends mind! To do this, print and cut out the following “Magic Clock”. Now follow these step by step instructions and watch the audiences jaws drop in amazement!

  • Lay the clock on the table so that you and your friends can all see it.
  • Ask a friend to secretly choose one of the numbers on the clock. Tell them that you can magically tell them the number they are thinking of!
  • Now, tell them that each time you touch a number, they should secretly add “one” to the number they are thinking of (if they picked #9 the first time you touch the clock they would say #10 to themselves and so on).
  • Tell them to stop you when they have reached #20. You then tell them what their number was! Just be sure to touch the numbers on the clock slowly so that they can add the numbers in their head easily.

The Trick:
For the first 7 pick, you can touch any of the numbers on the clock. On your 8th pick, start with the #12 and continue to move backwards (11, 19, 9, 8…) each time you touch the clock. When your friend has reached the #20 in their head, you will be touching the number they picked.

If your friends did not believe that you can read minds with the last trick, they surely will after this one! Show them a small piece of paper with tic-tac-toe symbols printed on them. Tell them you always win at the game because you always know what shapes people are going to pick! Then proceed to “tear” the paper into three sections and hand all three to your friend. Then with your eyes closed, ask the person to hand you “one” of the pieces behind your back. You instantly tell them what shape you ar holding without ever looking!

The secret is in the fact that you tear or rip the pieces and not cut them with a scissors. By ripping them, two of the pieces will have one rough side and one smooth side. Only the center piece with the “O” will have two rough sides. All you have to so is feel the sides to know which is which!

In this trick you get to make a seemingly ordinary playing card shrink to half its size then to the spectators amazement, you make it shrink again!

All you have to do is print out the following trick card on fairly stiff paper. Cut it out and tape the back of the full size card to the back of the card containing the smaller cards. You may also choose to paste it as an alternative.

Then with a few secret simple folds, you apparently make the card shrink. Just be sure not to let the audience see you folding the card.

October 1998

” The Last Crayon ”
(two great tricks!)

Trick One: Lay fifteen crayons side-by-side in a row upon your table.  Tell a friend that you can always cause him to pick up the last crayon, alternating in picking up one, two or three at a time.  At the start, it makes no difference which of the two of you picks up first.

The secret is to make sure that five crayons are left for your friend the third time around.  If he takes one, you pick up three.  If your friend takes two, you also take two. Or, if your friend takes three, you pick up one.  In every instance, he is always left with the last crayon to pick up.

As a patter or theme variation, you could have fifteen pieces of soda straw, cut to three inch lengths upon your table at the start.  The story you weave could be based on the saying…” That’s the last straw!”  What other objects might be used…and what patter can you devise for them?

Trick Two: Yet another crazy thought came to mind…one that I don’t think has been done before, using the fifteen crayons/ straws etc.  That is to ask the person if they can make eight from the fifteen crayons on the table, without breaking, bending, or taking any away…simply by rearranging them!?

The secret is in the use of the word eight.  You aren’t actually saying the number, but rather, you are saying the word ‘ate’.  The letter a is formed in lower case, using six crayons…the letter T is formed with four crayons, and the letter E is formed with five crayons.

It will cause them to groan a bit, but still, you have done as you said and made ate from fifteen!

Author: Bobby J. Gallo


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