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The International Conservatory Of Magic on INTERNET MINUTE WITH HARLEY CARNES (WCBS NEWSRADIO 88)

“INTERNET MINUTE”, an international, WCBS radio, daily review of  “the coolest, most fascinating sites on the net, selected after careful review” has chosen the International Conservatory Of Magic to be included with the very finest websites in the world.

On Thursday,  July 23, 1998 host Harley Carnes honored us with an entertaining and enthusiastic review and added ICOM. to the INTERNET MINUTE archives forever!


Audio clip used with permission


Check out the February 2003 M.U.M (the official publication of the Society of American Magicians) for a fantastic 3 page spread featuring the International Conservatory of Magic! Lessons and features taken directly from our archives are included!

The International Conservatory Of Magic Gets Reviewed in “THE LINKING RING” MAGAZINE!

The following is from the “INTERNET MAGIC” section of “The Linking Ring” written by Mike Durant

This month I have The International Conservatory of Magic. I.C.O.M is a magic school on-line. In their words “This is not just an online collection of simple tricks. I.C.O.M Online is the definitive online school of the conjuring arts with “hundreds” of pages of material and knowledge at your disposal!”

By the time you read this I.C.O.M will be 2 years old. It is the “offspring” of two respected magicians: Bobby Gallo and Bill Wisch. At first, teaching magic by internet seemed like another “internet me too”. But I have heard their audio tape (right, not video) and that convinced me to give it a try. It is affordable. At just $29.99/year it is about the same as a video and you get new material every month for a year.

First is the “Open” section. It is designed to give you a feel for the quality of their work. That initial impression? Good stuff here!

I found the quality high throughout the site. But the real point of the site is “inside.” For that you need an ID and password. Inside you find an Orientation area and 5 main “study areas: ” Beginner’s Study, Advanced Lab, I.C.O.M Spotlight, Slydini Legacy, Kid Show Konservatory, and Secret Passageway.

Orientation gives you a sense of the place; where things are, how to use them as well as some theoretical grounding in magician’s ethics, how to learn here (it is different and takes some getting used to). As I.C.O.M says: This is not a simple magic book placed on the Internet. This is an “INTERACTIVE MAGIC SCHOOL” hence, you may have to do a little digging and researching to find what you are looking for But remember, and we cannot stress this enough, we are always here to help.”

I really like the “Kid Konservatory!” This is specifically for kids in the 7 to 13 years of age. I think it is an important age group that is ignored by too many magic groups.

Another important feature is the “Virtual Magic Lesson ™” At each lesson you can send an E-mail to ask questions, get clarification and the like. Great stuff not available with a book or video!!

This is only a brief glimpse. I encourage you to stop by and see for yourself. Just point your browser to http:// www.magicschool.com and enjoy.

March 1999

“Reprinted with permission of The Linking Ring(tm), Phil Willmarth, Executive Editor.”

The International Conservatory Of Magic Gets Reviewed in “LAUGH MAKERS” MAGAZINE!

The following is from the “NET REVIEW” section of “Laugh Makers” written by David Bartlett

It is going to be interesting to see how effective on-line education can be. Who knows? Fifty years from now all instruction may be through on-line hook ups. This site belongs to THE INTERNATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF MAGIC and offers a magic school on-line at a very reasonable price of $10 per month (three month minimum). If you need magical instruction it’s a small price to pay.

It offers beginning lessons, advanced labs, and “Virtual Lessons ™” as well as access to information contained in its twenty five area “Inner Sanctums”. One area called KID SHOW KONSERVATORY promises “actual routines from acts of top industry professionals.” Another area is a SLEIGHT OF HAND GALLERY featuring an “extensive stop-action photo collection of widely used moves to use as an online reference guide and dynamite learning tool.”

I don’t mean for this to sound like an ad, but for $30 for a 3 month investment*, you can’t go very far wrong. If you don’t find it helpful, just consider it in the same category as those myriads of props you bought that simply gather dust in your closet, except you still have the space!

*Since the writing of this review, the membership fee has been”reduced” to $24.95 per year!

For more information about “Laugh Makers” e-mail: lafmaker@aol.com

The International Conservatory Of Magic Co-Directors On Television!

The Latter part of January saw Bobby J. Gallo and Bill Wisch on the popular television show “Jersey’s Talking” with veteran talk show host, Lee Leonard! The show featured and in depth interview with Bobby J. and Bill as well as performances including expert sleight of hand by Bill Wisch and Bobby J. Gallo’s famous X-Ray Eye Act. I.C.O.M was also mentioned during the segment as well as little known insights on Slydini from Bill’s own experience. Below are some clips from the show….enjoy!

Bobby J. Gallo Borrowing a dollar bill from legendary talk show personality, Lee Leonard before destroying and restoring it on LIVE television!

Bill Wisch talking candidly about the past master of magic, Slydini. Who is the present master? Why Bill of course!!!

Bobby J. Gallo cracking jokes and enjoying the fantastic interview.

Television Superstar Lee Leonard being entertained by the ICOM Co-Directors!

The ICOM Online Streaming Radio Network

Now Playing In Our “Members Only” Area!

This month we feature rare excerpts from the “Ultimate Magic Rap Recording Session” not heard in the published version. Topics include “The Toughest Parts of Being a Magician” and The Importance of Simplicity.

Bill Wisch presenting ICOM live! at the S.A.M. Parent Assembly #1 In New York City 7/18/97

There are magicians’ clubs throughout the world. Lecture tours are continually being scheduled for personal appearances by Bobby J. Gallo & Bill Wisch. If you are a member of a local magic club (and we urge you to be), and would be interested in a live lecture, feel free to contact us via e-mail for availability and fees. Just follow the link in our “Membership Information Page”. Tour schedules will be posted in our ICOM Online Newsroom.


Your solution for sales meetings and trade show training. ICOM will be available for personal appearances before your sales force to train them in the art of ice-breaking, presentation, showmanship and product promotion utilizing magic as the medium!

Past clients include: AT&T; Manhattan Savings Bank; Relocation Dynamics Inc; Unified Data Products; Keyes Fiber Co; M&M Mars; Delta Line; Posner Labs; Marcal Paper Co; Minolta; Wang; Pfizer Pharmaceutical; Sandler Foods; United Jersey Bank; Cyanamid; Schering Plough; Human Resources Network; State Farm Insurance; Mobay Chemical; Minwax; IBM; Monsey; Cyro; Con Edison; National Labratories; Arrow Shirt; Brighton Best Co and North American Philips. These are some of our past clients regarding sales/presentation seminars.

Some of our seminar titles include:Tricks for your Trade(tm)

Ice Breakers and Point Makers for All Occasions(tm)

The Magic Word of Showmanship(tm)

The Way to Magical Trade Shows(tm)

Personal Instruction Available

If you live in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area, you may wish to study with our instructors with personal live one-on-one instruction. This gives us the opportunity to help students further develop acts and give extra attention to areas of magic that are difficult to master. E-mail us for rates, times, and availability.

Classic Magic Shows

Perhaps you would just like a dynamite performance of magic? If so, inquire about our fantastic professional magician service. Our staff includes some of the most talented and entertaining magicians in the world, available for your organization, corporation, civic club, trade show, or any function where high quality entertainment is critical.

Author: Bobby J. Gallo


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