A First aid kit for magicians

A First Aid Kit For Magicians

Ronald J. Dayton

The scenario is this; You’re away from home, doing an away show when a series of events begins to go wrong…what do you do?! If you are prepared in advance…you can be ready for the vast majority of problems.

1. Make sure your car has been run through the same series of checks you would do if you were going on a standard trip. Tires up to suggested pressure, a good spare in the trunk, fluid levels capped off, horn, lights, belts etc.

2. Have extra money along with you, or credit cards in case of an emergency. Be sure you have your drivers license, insurance cards for auto and hospitalization.

3. If at all possible, have a second change of clothes.

4. Double check your props and how they are stored. Do you have everything? Do you have at least two extra items incase one prop fails, or the host asks you to do a few minutes more?

5. Have a list of phone numbers which may be needed in an emergency. Next of kin, doctor! care provider etc. Insure you have any medical emergency bracelets needed to identify conditions which require special care.

6. If you are working with livestock, insure they are properly secured and comfortable.

7. If you are unfamiliar with the area you are going to be performing at, give youself plenty of time to get there. Take a map with you.

8. Take items such as asprin, bandages, antacids etc. that may come in handy.

9. Take along some standard tools; small wrench! socket set, screwdrivers, pliers, needle nose pliers etc. for both auto and equipment repair.

10. Have a small case with Scotch tape, electrical tape, an extra pair of shoe laces, small sewing kit and spare buttons, a few safety pins and rubber bands, small pocket knife, nail clipper with file, hair brush! comb, clothes brush, toothbrush & paste, packages of moist towlettes, travel pack of kleenex tissue, a few paper clips, elastic cord, shoe polish and cloth, dental floss, breath mints.

11. Be sure to have extra business cards with you in your wallet as well. Nothing looks less professional than to be asked for one and not be able to supply it.

12. For a major trip, you may want to have a cell phone with you as well as a travel iron or steamer.

Author: Bobby J. Gallo


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