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Meet Your Wizarding Headmaster

Founder and sole proprietor of MagicSchool.com

“World-Class Master Magician Bobby J. Gallo” has performed literally thousands of shows for over two decades, as well as teaching scores of students the art of magic as owner and founder of the “International Conservatory of Magic Online”…

Bobby J. along with his hilarious and amazing act has played just about every city from New York to Las Vegas… He has performed in colleges, on cruise ships, on the showroom stages of the most famous resorts in the world, for fortune 500 companies, at prestigious Washington DC functions, trade shows, comedy clubs, and on television… Very few performers can make that claim…

This has made Bobby J. uniquely qualified to teach and pass along his magical wisdom to new generations of magicians.

What we offer

“The Award-Winning International Conservatory of Magic Online (TM)” (I.C.O.M Online) fulfills a long-standing need in the world of magic. I.C.O.M Online provides groundbreaking, comprehensive, first-class instruction in the art of being a magician that teaches in several ways. Personal live instruction via lecture tours, 24 hour-a-day website based text lessons, web audio, and video…

I.C.O.M Online features beginner and advanced levels of training. We deal with all aspects of magic including, sleight of hand, presentation, showmanship, promotion, and theory. When you are a member of I.C.O.M Online, you are on your way to becoming a world-class magician…

Now, for the first time, no matter where you reside in the world, you can obtain the personal magic instruction you have always dreamed of the way hundreds of international magicians currently enjoy…

Whether you wish to do magic as a hobby, as a part-time income producer, aspire to become an accomplished full-time professional, just need a trick or two to break the ice in a presentation, or are looking for the best in fresh, new material from some of the best brains in the business, I.C.O.M Online is for you…

This is not just an online collection of simple tricks. I.C.O.M Online is the definitive online school of the conjuring arts with hundreds of pages of ORIGINAL material and knowledge at your disposal.



No reproduction or transmission of materials is permitted without express written permission by the owner of this site… Piracy is a serious matter and will be legally pursued… Not to mention the bad karma and voodoo curse that will magically result from violations of this agreement… Users of this site agree to keep these secrets to the best of their abilities so as to protect the art of magic…

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ICOM News & Updates!


Brand new (again) lessons! … This month features the Kid Show Konservatory! Featuring a TON of Bobby J. Gallo’s best material.
  • Something Out Of Almost Nothing By Bobby J. Gallo
  • “On That Rare Occasion” By Bobby J. Gallo
  • A Novel Kid Show Idea By Bobby J. Gallo
  • The “In-Between” Show By Bobby J. Gallo
  • The Dancing-Floating Handkerchief By Bobby J. Gallo
  • Licensed Tricks For Kids IV By Bobby J. Gallo https


After much consideration, we have decided that except for select FREE PUBLIC ACCESS pages of material, we have permanently secured the MASSIVE ICOM ARCHIVES behind a Patreon wall. There is a saying that says “nothing free is ever truly appreciated”, and in the case of ICOM that certainly seems to be the case. The material is just too good and valuable to be so easily accessible without a password. We want the extreme value of this school to be recognized for what it is and the material to remain exclusive to those who are generous enough to pledge a small amount to help keep the site alive.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can access THE ENTIRE ARCHIVES for as little as a $3.00 per month pledge that can be canceled at any time! … We sincerely thank you for your generous support.


At the request of Mr. Bill Wisch. All Slydini Legacy material has been removed from the site due to upcoming special projects on his end. We will be sure to keep you informed about the exciting new products Bill will release to the magic fraternity over the coming months. We appreciate all the hard work Bill put into ICOM over the years and wish him all the best in his future endeavors!


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