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"His show is thrilling, smooth, and truly quicker than the eye!"
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As soon as he enters the room your guests will realize that the magician has arrived! Bobby J. Gallo personifies the timeless personality and image of the magician. Bobby J. Gallo "looks" like a classic magician. He "sounds" like a true showman with his smooth baritone voice, and possesses the uncanny skill of a world-class sleight-of-hand artist.

It is hard to imagine a magician anywhere in the industry as accomplished as Bobby J. Gallo. Bobby J. consistently performs over 400 hundred shows a year as well as teaching a staggering amount of students the art of magic. Bobby J. has performed his hilarious and amazing act in just about every city from New York to Las Vegas. He has performed in colleges, on cruise ships, on the showroom stages of the most famous resorts in the world, for fortune 500 companies, at prestigious Washington DC functions for international heads of state, trade shows, comedy clubs and on television. As a matter of fact, there is not a single venue conducive to magic that Bobby J. has not played. Very few performers can make that claim.

From Las Vegas to New York City, Thousands Have Enjoyed The Facinating Magic of Bobby J. Gallo!

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The following are excerpts from the Bobby J. Gallo Promotional Video. Movie #1 shows him performing as well as entertaining an audience with his famous handling of playing cards. Here you will see one of the most mystifying And dynamic card effects ever created! Movie #2 shows Bobby during a comedic routine pulling a skunk out of a hat (no sound). Movie #3 shows Bobby Performing his amazing bottle production (no sound).

Movie #1Movie #1 Movie #2 Movie #2Movie #3Movie #3

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