"The performance could not have been better! All the students enjoyed the show. I would recommend him, and we will book him again."
President, VIP Group, Centenary College

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Kind Of Magic Does Bobby J. Gallo Generally Perform?

A: Bobby J. Gallo is a World-Class Sleight-of-Hand Artist and Comedy Magician. He has combined the techniques of the great cabaret magicians of the past, with the wit and humor of today.

Q: Does he do Large Illusions like making people disappear or escaping from dangerous situations?

A: Although Bobby J. Gallo does perform some larger presentations such as a Straight Jacket Escape for certain stage shows, he generally prefers to stay within the realm of cabaret entertainment. This genre of magic relies on years of training and developed skill rather than mechanical boxes and stage trickery. Props such as cards, rings, balls, silk handkerchiefs, ropes, handcuffs and many other objects are used to create absolutely mind-boggling and astounding presentations.

As for the second part of the question, Bobby J. Gallo NEVER performs dangerous magic in front of family audiences. His shows are appropriate for all ages.

Q: What is the difference between Bobby J. Gallo and other magicians?

A: Bobby J. Gallo is "THE REAL DEAL" when it comes to magic. A FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL since 1982, Bobby J. Gallo has honed the art of magic down to a fine art. He DOES NOT perform magic tricks that can be bought in a store like many PART-TIME magicians. Bobby J. Gallo has studied magic the same way as the past masters of magic throughout the last two centuries. Many magicians actually pay to see Bobby J. Gallo Lecture his magic so they too can attain higher levels of showmanship.

Q: Does Bobby J. Gallo use "LIVE" animals?

A: For Bobby's Family Shows he uses life-like artificial animals that are manipulated as though they are real. This is part of his acclaimed "Find-The-Rabbit" routine. Many audience members cannot distinguish them from the real thing. Furthermore, these animals can do some amazing and funny things that a genuine "LIVE" rabbit simply CANNOT DO! Not to mention the fact that using these prop animals are safe around children as well as being a humane alternative to real animals.

Q: Does Bobby J. Gallo Twist-Up Balloon Animals?

A: No, absolutely not, for several reasons.

Q: What Age is Bobby J. Gallo's Professional Magic appropriate for?

A: The Truth is, Bobby J. Gallo has an act for EVERY age group! His family show has been called the BEST IN THE BUSINESS and has been sought after by MAJOR THEME PARKS! His Roving Show has brought him all over the country for high caliber corporate clients! Let Bobby J. Gallo know your needs and he will have an act that can fill them.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of people he will perform for?

A: Bobby has performed before audiences consisting of SEVERAL THOUSAND PEOPLE on outdoor stages at festivals. His magic can play in your living room or in the largest theatre.

Q: Bobby J. Gallo sounds very expensive.....Is he?

A: That's the best part of all! Bobby J. Gallo for all of his expertise, is one of the most competitively priced entertainers in his field! You can have a top-flight professional THAT HAS APPEARED ON TELEVISION for the SAME PRICE OR LESS than a magician with far less experience.

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