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I.C.O.M Online is divided into two parts, the public rooms of which this is one itself, and the Inner Sanctum. Non-members can navigate through parts of I.C.O.M Online such as our What's New Page, Staff Profiles, I.C.O.M Live Press Page, etc. But we must not forget the primary reason for I.C.O.M Online, The Inner Sanctum. This section is for members only! Here is how it works.

Once you become a member, we e-mail special MAGIC PASSWORDS delivered by email usually within 48 hours. With these, you are able to unlock the link to the Inner Sanctum and the REAL benefits of I.C.O.M Online. What are they? Well, how's this for starters?... and start enjoying the

  1. The BEGINNERS STUDY where those new to the magical arts learn not only the basics of magic, but astounding "easy-to-do" miracles they can use to amaze family and friends, all the while laying the foundation for advancement into higher levels of performing capabilities.

  2. The ADVANCED LAB contains cutting-edge material from international contributors as well as our own staff which will satisfy the most discriminating magical tastes. This is section contains, advanced sleights, full-routines, original blockbuster concepts, and re-worked professional versions of timeless classics. New material is added this forum periodically.

  3. The I.C.O.M ONLINE SPOTLIGHT. This is a general forum where hot new original items and articles are published. Items on magic theory which you will not find anywhere else. Also highlighted will be material from guest lecturers and accomplished I.C.O.M members.

  4. The SLYDINI LEGACY is a real treat for the magic enthusiast. This feature will contain inside teachings, material and insights on the works of Tony Slydini that have never before been released. Thanks to Bill Wisch, Slydini's foremost student, all members can take advantage of this I.C.O.M Online exclusive...

  5. Our KID SHOW KONSERVATORY is a section devoted to the fine art of entertaining children with actual routines from the acts of industry professionals.

But Wait...There's More! 

Here is a list of our Secondary Lesson Forums!

  1. THE SECRET PASSAGEWAY...Something new, different, and bizarre, featuring our brand new CyberMagic (tm) publication for the magician who likes magic on the spooky side...

  2. THE I.C.O.M BROADCAST NETWORK...REAL AUDIO (tm) mini-magic lectures from some of the TOP names in magic. People such as Daryl, Tommy Wonder, Ron London, Larry White, Bill Wisch, Bobby J. Gallo and others! ... NOW INCLUDING YOUTUBE FEATURES!

  3. THE MAGIC ARCADE...This spectacular new area delights ages 7 to 13 with a carnival-like atmosphere and "REAL TRICKS" that they can print out from the computer and use! Other features include, original cartoons, puzzles, origami, REAL VIDEO (tm) MAGIC SHOWS!

  4. THE MAGICSCHOOL PROGRAM OF STUDY...Our resident professor of magic, Dr. Oscar Muscariello has undertaken the magical task of the century. Not since Tarbell has there been anything quite like it. And it is available only to I.C.O.M Members.
    It is also important to note that this is unlike any so-called magic course ever offered before. This college quality forum gets down to the bare bones of magic to teach even the newest magic student the correct way to perform legerdemain.

  5. THE I.C.O.M GRAND ILLUSION SUITE...A new forum dedicated to large original and novel presentations for the stage!

The I.C.O.M ONLINE LIBRARY OF MAGIC is a place for beginner and professional alike. This section is a running compendium of magic related learning tools and articles ranging the whole spectrum of the art, we consider this our magical browsing area! Exclusive pages in the library include...

The SLEIGHT-OF-HAND GALLERY. An extensive stop-action photo collection of widely used moves to use as an online reference guide and dynamite learning tool.


Located in each of the forums. This is a link where students can ask questions concerning the lessons or anything else they wish to know* directly to the instructors. They then receive personal online feedback and advice in return. I.C.O.M Online is the first and foremost international magic school. Our business is and always will be answering your questions. This is the crowning feature that distinguishes us from any other magic oriented web-site.

This is your opportunity to "pick the brains" of some of the most experienced professional magicians in the industry!


There's More?????...YES!
Other popular INNER SANCTUM areas include:

As you can see, The International Conservatory Of Magic is by far the largest and most complete magic related web-site on the Internet. Nobody else comes close, and we are growing all the time!

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